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Dust free oven

Equipped with multiple layers of movable orifice plates, adjustable to meet the needs of batch drying of different products.

◆ Equipped with high-efficiency air filters to purify the working tank and ensure product cleanliness;

Made of thickened stainless steel and insulated cotton, effectively preventing heat and burns to hands

◆ A high-temperature sealing gasket is installed below the door to prevent hand injury caused by pressure.

◆ Equipped with protection functions such as time timing, alarm, and temperature exceeding:

◆ Equipped with an independent electrical box, the strong and weak currents are divided into sections for easy maintenance and warranty;

◆ Adopting a double-layer tank structure and a circulating hot air system to maintain temperature balance

Install high-quality stainless steel inlet and return air ducts.

The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, which is beautiful and elegant.

Product Description