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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can solve the cleaning problems in those industries



The application field of Xinwandesheng ultrasonic cleaning

Electronic and electrical industry
In the electronics and electrical industry, ultrasound can clean machine components, relays, switches, printed circuit boards, potentiometers, vacuum tube parts, semiconductor components, silicon wafers, capacitors, camera shutters, etc; Printing board ink, solder, oil based preservatives, paraffin, abrasives, dyes; Embroidery, oxides, salt, hand grime, dust, etc.

Precision industries such as jade and stone processing, clocks and watches, optics, machinery, etc
In precision industries such as jade processing, watches, optics, and machinery, ultrasonic waves can clean instruments, meters, watch dials, and components; Gears, springs, bearings, gemstones, lenses, eyeglass frames, precious metal decorations; Paint, spray paint, grease, composite, glass fiber organic cleaning solution (trichloroethylene, fluorine solution); Dyes and plastic residues.

The automotive industry
In the automotive industry, ultrasound can clean valves, ignition plugs, gasification plugs, fuel pumps, battery electrodes, piston rings, and their control panel parts, as well as motorcycle and automotive fuel tanks; Oil, grease, preservatives, mechanical chips, plastic residues, grinding abrasives, fiberglass, dust, graphite, tar.

rubber industry
In the rubber industry, ultrasound can clean gloves, belts, tires, and surgical rubber gloves; Fingerprints, dust, dyes, preservatives, ink stains, plastic residues, rubber residues.

Cheese and brewing industry
Ultrasound can clean bottles, lids, cooking utensils, and cooking dishes in the cheese and brewing industries; Food residues, fingerprints, dust, dyes, proteins, ink stains before label printing.

aviation industry
In the aviation industry, ultrasound can clean fuel oil filters, fuel instruments, instrumentation, injection nozzles, flow control equipment, parts used in mechanical control equipment, hydraulic and hydraulic products, oxides, dust, chips, oils, fats, grinding powder, and preservatives; Rust, carbon, and scale.

Printing industry
In the printing industry, ultrasound can clean rotary machines and metal plates; Ink stains, fingerprints, oil, dyes; Public utilities, electricity, gas, news and communication street lights, fuel oil meters, electricity meters, light bulbs, film, teleportation machines; Ink stains, oil, dust, yarn shavings, rust, mud, salt in contact with seawater.

Atomic energy industry
In the atomic energy industry, ultrasound can clean control rods, fuel pumps, aluminum tubes, containers, glass, and analytical specimens; Radiation energy particles, dust, silicone oil, grease.

medical treatment
In the medical industry, ultrasound can clean syringes, surgical machinery, straws, glass containers, esophagoscopes, dental machinery, proctoscopes, directional mirrors, and test glass for microscopes; Blood, gel, fingerprint, food residue, protein (egg white), dirt mixed into the blood.

Financial institutions
In financial institutions, ultrasound can clean stamps, labels, number machines, advanced ceramics, silver products, hand grime, dust, fingerprints, ink, paste, etc.

Mechanical tools
Tools such as screws, nozzles, gears, fixtures, attachments for fixing devices, springs, valves, and vernier calipers that can be cleaned by ultrasound; Abrasives, iron filings, rust inhibitors, composites, cutting oil, cooling oil, grinding oil, dust, polishing wax, oxides.

Electroplating industry
The electroplating process requires high surface cleanliness of the workpiece, and ultrasonic cleaning technology is an ideal technology to achieve this requirement. Using ultrasonic cleaning technology can replace solvent cleaning for oil stains; Can replace electrolytic oil removal; It can replace strong acid etching to remove rust and oxide scale on the surface of carbon steel and low alloy steel. The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology can simplify many traditional cleaning processes and greatly improve cleaning quality and production efficiency. Especially for workpieces with complex shapes and high requirements for edges and corners, it has more advantages. The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology can also replace the effects of strong acids and bases on a large scale, greatly reducing pollution to the environment, improving the working environment of workers, reducing labor intensity, and contributing to the protection of the ecological environment.




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