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Selection of transducer structure for ultrasonic cleaning equipment



Xinwandesheng Low Ultrasonic Frequency Band (20100KHz) Currently, the majority of industrial sandwich piezoelectric transducers (composite transducers) use single screw clamping. The structural differences mainly lie in the shape of the radiator (aluminum blocks bonded to stainless steel plates), one of which is a conical horn; Another straight rod shape.

The sound radiation efficiency of horn shaped transducers is higher than that of rod shaped transducers, that is, the same input electrical power. A larger sound power is obtained in the cleaning tank

And the electrical power consumed on the transducer is less, so the heat generation of the transducer is also low. When the electrical power input to the transducer is the same, due to the larger radiation surface area of the horn compared to the rod transducer, the sound intensity of the radiation surface is lower, and the cavitation corrosion on the surface of the stainless steel plate bonded to it is less. The service life of the cleaning tank (or immersion transducer) is extended. So in general, it is better to use a horn shaped transducer to further improve sound radiation efficiency and broaden the frequency band, China has developed a broadband ultrasonic cleaning transducer with a semi perforated structure, especially in the higher frequency range Its advantages are more prominent (above 40KHz) because it can weaken the adverse effects of lateral vibration. Due to its wide frequency band, it is also conducive to frequency cleaning. In some places, such as when cleaning deep screw holes, it is advisable to use high radiation sound intensity transducers. At this time, the radiation body of the transducer often has a pointed focusing shape to improve the sound intensity of the radiation surface. This type of transducer is generally not bonded to the cleaning tank, but directly pulled out of the liquid for cleaning .




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