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XWDS-121-80BPM-TP Glass Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine (Pure Water Slow Pull Drying Type)

Mainly used for cleaning glasses, digital camera lenses, and mobile phone face glass;

◆ Using ultrasonic waves of different frequencies (frequency: 40/80/120 HKz) for cleaning in each slot;

◆ Adopting a four sided serrated overflow and arc-shaped overflow structure, beautiful and practical;

◆ Using neutral cleaning agents, Dl water, slow pulling dehydration, and hot air drying;

◆ It has multiple functions such as filtration and circulation system, quantitative liquid replenishment, and various safety protections;

Equipped with a throwing device, the cleaning effect is better;

◆ Equipped with an independent electrical box, the strong and weak currents are divided into sections for easy maintenance and warranty.

Product Description