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Supply: Optical lens centrifugal dryer, automatic centering centrifugal dryer, mobile phone glass centrifugal dryer


Mainly suitable for dehydration and drying of optical lenses such as lenses, prisms, filters, mobile phone glass, VCD/DVD, etc. after cleaning.
Product features:

1. The centrifugal spin dryers are all suspended and automatic core adjustment structures, which can avoid foot vibration during operation due to imbalanced load inside the rotating soybeans.

2. The inner cylinder and outer shell of the centrifugal dryer are made of stainless steel plate material, and the rotating soy sauce is made of stainless steel plate. The outlet pipe is located below the chassis.

3. The spindle is made of high-quality steel that has undergone heat treatment and precision processing.

4. The transmission part adopts synchronous belt transmission, and the centrifugal starting wheel is directly driven by the motor. The machine can be slowly started through PLC, gradually reaching the set value

Measure the speed to ensure smooth operation of the machine.

5. The machine has stable braking through a frequency converter, which has good braking performance and can quickly stop the machine.

6. Adopting fully sealed and high-efficiency air filters to prevent secondary pollution.

7. The machine operation is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and Delta frequency converter, and the door is equipped with SMC cylinder switch

8. Normal drying time: 1-3 minutes (adjustable), same as shaking 2 baskets of similar items.

9. Each function has an overload protection sound and light alarm prompt function.







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