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XWDS-14336S-THZM intelligent automated wafer cleaning machine

Suitable for wafer, germanium square, semiconductor, and optical glass cleaning machines.

This equipment mainly consists of: industrial computer system, PLC program system, visual bar scanning system, independent lifting/throwing system

Composed of systems, robotic arm systems, etc., to achieve intelligent automation;

◆ Completely solve the mixing mode of different optical lens products;

This device can automatically control, adjust, and monitor (such as slot hopping, ultrasound, throwing/lifting, temperature, time, etc.)

Data storage, network connection, automatic memory cleaning, detection of detergent pH, detection of Dl water and electricity resistance, etc;

There are 20 different cleaning procedures inside the equipment (customers can change them themselves);

◆ Automatically recognize the cleaned product pattern through a visual barcode scanning system;

The design of the throwing mechanism, lateral moving mechanism, and transmission mechanism should be gentle and vibration free;

This machine is equipped with remote diagnosis and data collection functions;

Equipped with a filtration and circulation system, the cleaning solution is continuously clean;

The arc-shaped interval has a saw shaped overflow structure, which is beautiful and practical;

◆ Using 40KHz/80KHz/100KHz/125KHz equal frequency ultrasonic frequencies.

Ultrasound uses a generator with an efficiency of up to 95% and adjustable power of 10-100%.

Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning process ensures cleanliness.

Product Description