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UBeam ultrasonic wireless charging: overcoming spatial limitations


Wireless charging for smartphones has always been a dream for people. But Ubeam's ultrasonic wireless charging technology is about to turn this dream into reality, making phone charging like WiFi, which can be done in your pocket. In order to support the product to enter the market and be put into use as soon as possible, uBeam, a startup enterprise, has just completed a seed financing of $10 million under the leadership of Upfront Ventures.

Before uBeam, many companies had already invested heavily in developing wireless charging technology. However, so far, most companies have invested all their energy and funds in the research and development of magnetic resonance charging technology. Although this charging technology is also wireless charging, it can only be achieved by maintaining a certain distance between the charger and the device, which limits its scope of use. Compared to power banks, its convenience has not been greatly improved.

Compared to magnetic resonance charging technology, uBeam, a wireless charging technology that uses ultrasound as a medium, to some extent extends the wireless charging distance and can also charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously. This ultrasonic wireless charging technology mainly converts the electrical energy of the charger into ultrasonic waves, and then recovers and converts the ultrasonic waves into electrical energy through the receiver, thereby achieving wireless charging.

The uBeam ultrasonic charging technology was discovered by Meredith Perry, a 25-year-old graduate student in astrobiology, by chance. Perry stated that this uBeam charging device is very thin, with a thickness of no more than 5 millimeters. Sound wave emitters can be attached to walls or used as decorations like wallpaper. The opposite smartphone or laptop can be connected to an equally thin receiver to directly convert ultrasound into electrical energy, achieving charging. The company will make the receiver similar to a phone case, allowing it to have a good connection with the phone while achieving a beautiful appearance without appearing abrupt.

In addition, this technology may have an impact on the design of electronic devices. uBeam compatible electronic devices can be designed to be thinner because when wireless charging is available everywhere, the battery capacity does not need to be designed to be that large. By then, not only will the battery become thinner, but there will also be no need for charging wires, let alone an international universal charging adapter. But its premise is that uBeam emitters must be ubiquitous to have practical significance. Its wireless charging experience is similar to accessing the internet wirelessly through WiFi, free and unrestricted.

However, the current charging technology of uBeam still has certain limitations, among which the more serious one is that its power transmitter cannot penetrate walls. This means that users cannot buy a wireless router to create a hotspot and connect their entire house or office to the internet like they do with WiFi. Instead, they need to purchase a transmitter for each room.

The product developer and UBeam CEO Meredith Perry stated that their R&D team has produced a working prototype of the product and has promised that uBeam molded products will be put into the market for consumer use within 2 years. I'm sure the technology research and development team for this product will have to put in a lot of effort in the next two years.

However, given the repeated failures of Duojia Company in the research and development of wireless charging technology, can this huge financing support help uBeam break through the encirclement and ultimately fulfill its promise to achieve the launch and use of the product within two years? We'll wait and see!




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