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Detailed Introduction to Multi slot Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine


Instructions for Multi slot Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:
The multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of multiple cleaning slots and throwing systems such as rough washing, fine washing, rinsing, spraying, drying, acid washing, etc., and achieves good cleaning effects by using appropriate ultrasonic frequency and power. Scope of application of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine
Surface treatment of vacuum coated components, cleaning of semiconductor silicon wafers, cleaning of stainless steel fittings, surface cleaning of various tableware, cleaning of electronic parts, cleaning of rosin on circuit boards, cleaning of oil stains on precision mechanical components, and cleaning of dirt on watch straps and cases.
Main features of multi slot ultrasonic cleaning machine:
1. Set up a liquid level safety control system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
2. Set up a circulating filtration and recovery system to ensure solution cleanliness and reduce production costs.
3. The spray system adopts high-quality nozzles and spray pumps, and the conical bottom design ensures smooth drainage.
4. Unique serrated overflow design ensures sufficient water level and continuously overflows dirt floating on the water surface.
5. The tank body adopts an imported all stainless steel structure, which is acid and alkali resistant, and has a beautiful and elegant appearance.




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