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XWDS-11144TH semi-automatic vacuum box cleaning machine

Suitable for industrial component vacuum box fixtures, plastic boards, pallets, turnover trays, and circuit board cleaning machines.

Equipped with a filtration and circulation system, the cleaning solution is continuously clean.

Equipped with a workpiece and an up and down shaking system, the cleaning system has a more uniform and better effect.

◆ Automatic liquid storage replenishment can ensure the uniformity and stability of the product.

The arc-shaped interval has a saw shaped overflow structure, which is beautiful and practical.

Using ultrasonic frequencies of 28HKz and 40KHz.

Ultrasound uses a generator with an efficiency of up to 95%, and the power is adjustable from 10% to 100%.

Multi slot ultrasonic cleaning process ensures cleanliness.

Equipped with bubble grooves, effectively removing concave stains.

Equipped with a spin drying and dehydration function, it can remove water from large tree grains and promote drying effect.

Equipped with a dual slot hot air drying system to increase production capacity.

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