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XWDS-8000TGS fully automatic vacuum box cleaning machine

Suitable for industrial component vacuum box fixtures, plastic boards, pallets, turnover trays, and circuit board cleaning machines.

Equipped with a filtration and circulation system, the cleaning solution is continuously clean.

Equipped with a high-pressure spray device, it can efficiently clean product dirt.

Equipped with multiple sets of super fans and blades, it has high efficiency and uniform drying.

Equipped with a high-pressure hot air drying system.

The mesh belt is equipped with precise scales, and the spacing between the mesh belts can be conveniently adjusted according to the thickness of the product.

◆ The discharge is equipped with an electrostatic ion fan, which effectively removes static electricity and prevents secondary pollution.

Human machine interface design, intuitive interface, and convenient operation.

◆ Equipped with false light screen alarm, overpressure alarm, overload alarm, startup warning, and dual visual alarm devices to ensure safe equipment operation.

Product Description