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The standard single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine mainly uses neutral, alkaline, and weakly acidic water-soluble water-based cleaning agents The single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning electroplated parts before and after plating, removing oil and wax from hardware, cleaning clocks, electronic parts, jewelry, optical lenses, silicon wafers, machinery, plastics, molds, spinneret filters, etc. The standard single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of low cleaning cost, good cleaning effect, and simple operation, making it the preferred single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine for small batch cleaning.

Characteristics and advantages of standard single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine:

Durable and long-lasting:

1. The tank body is made of all stainless steel structure, which is acid and alkali resistant, and has a beautiful appearance

2. The ultrasonic radiation surface is made of thickened stainless steel plate, which extends the high corrosion life

3. Unique bonding technology, imported Araldite from Switzerland, doubles the lifespan of the transducer

High cleaning efficiency:

1. High Q-value PZT transducer, stable and powerful ultrasonic power increased by 35% compared to similar products

2. High quality coaxial high-frequency ultrasonic signal screen cable holder, with low signal loss and strong resistance to interference

3. Advanced ultrasonic technology improves the distribution of energy within the medium, removes cleaning blind spots, and enhances cleaning efficiency




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