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How to choose a single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine



There is a lot of content in this, such as the materials of Xinwandesheng cleaning products and the cleaning substances attached to the cleaning products. The shape, size, and quantity of cleaning products affect the size of the cleaning tank, as well as the choice of cleaning solvent, which will affect the process flow. According to the material of the workpiece, cleaning process, and final cleaning requirements.

Before purchasing a cleaning system, the following application analysis should be conducted on the cleaned parts: clarify the material composition, structure, and quantity of the cleaned parts, analyze and clarify the dirt to be removed. These are the prerequisites for determining what cleaning method to use and whether to use water-based cleaning solution or solvent. The final cleaning process still needs to be validated through cleaning experiments. Only in this way can a suitable cleaning system, a well-designed cleaning process, and cleaning solution be provided. Considering the influence of the physical properties of the cleaning solution on ultrasonic cleaning, steam pressure, surface tension, viscosity, and density should be significant influencing factors. Temperature can affect these factors, so it can also affect the efficiency of cavitation. Any cleaning system must use cleaning solution.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine produced by Xinwandesheng has good quality and excellent cleaning effect! In the cleaning industry, the quality is far ahead of similar domestic enterprises! Many companies have bought a single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine here and feel that it works quite well! It is often said that during discussions, the cleaning is convenient and fast, the cleaning is quite clean, and there have been no quality problems after using it for two years!




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