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How to Choose Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Equipment Tips



1. Determine whether a single ultrasonic wave can be used to clean the workpiece based on its material and the required cleaning requirements, such as whether other processes such as spraying and drying are needed; You can also ask your peers what kind of process they use, or consult the ultrasonic manufacturer to determine the cleaning process.

2. Determine the size of the equipment and material basket based on the size and production capacity of the workpiece to be cleaned (including the production capacity that will be achieved in the future), that is, determine the size of the equipment and material basket.

3. Determine the power and frequency of ultrasonic waves based on the above two points; A. When the ultrasonic power reaches an appropriate value, dirt is quickly removed. If the power is chosen too high, the cavitation intensity will greatly increase, and the cleaning effect will be improved. However, at this time, more precise parts will be corroded, and it will also accelerate the cavitation of the ultrasonic vibration plate. Especially when using water or water-soluble cleaning solution, it is easy to be corroded by water pitting. If the surface of the vibration plate has been damaged, cavitation and cavitation will be more severe underwater under high power, Therefore, the ultrasound power should be selected according to the actual usage situation; B. The ultrasonic cleaning frequency ranges from 20kHz to 100kHz, and the physical cleaning force caused by cavitation is obviously beneficial for low frequencies when using water or water-soluble cleaning agents. Generally, around 28-40kHz is used; For cleaning parts with small gaps, narrow gaps, and deep holes, it is better to use high frequencies (generally above 40kHz), even hundreds of kHz; It is good to choose a lower frequency band for removing rust.

4. We should choose a reputable manufacturer of Xinwandesheng ultrasonic equipment with strong after-sales service guarantee, and sign a supply contract. If necessary, we can also sign a technical agreement to avoid unnecessary trouble and fraud from unscrupulous enterprises.




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